I have always been a student of people. It probably started with a chaotic upbringing where at a pretty  young age I became the mediator and peacemaker in a house with, let’s just say, parents who meant well, but could not get along to save their lives.  This is not a whoa-is-me tale. I actually am happy about how it all turned out. My parents loved us, eventually became happier apart, and for me, it was the beginning of what would be a deep intrigue and career path to discover what makes people tick, and how can they find happiness.

After college, I spent years in the human resources field, the last 10 years with Accenture, as a recruiting and retention specialist (see the people trend?), and then hit my own personal fork-in-the-road in the midst of multiple corporate reorganizations.  So there I was, doing my thing successfully for a number of years, and even though some things about it offered challenge, most of it was becoming old hat and very unfulfilling.  It was a good time to be thinking about my own next right move. At the same time, I was trying to start a family with my husband, and unfortunately there was a road block there too. All fronts were frought with frustration!

So, I moved ahead with what I could control- pursuing my own new career direction.  I gave myself permission to drop the known road (and so did my dear hubsand), for something that offered the potential for  passionate new venture.  Long story short, I found the new and growing field of coaching in 1997, researched it, got training and my own coach and jumped right in.  From then on I knew I was home.

I coach mostly driven professionals and executives, who are also in some way stuck or at their own crossroad, who are seeking greater meaning or a way to find a better path for who they are and the life they want to lead. Even if they don’t have the answers to these questions yet at all.  I work with individuals in transition, and leaders in organizations who want to leverage their unique talents and really make difference.  My purpose is clearly about helping others live with greater purpose, and thankfully, for me, it continues to get me up and going, passionately, every day.

Oh, and so do my two daughters. Crack of dawn.