Do you know your parenting style? Learn yours and strategies to take back your parenting power for greater peace.

For our first call of the new year,  Susan Epstein, LCSW, Parenting and Health Expert joined us.  More about Susan and her vast parenting background, books and philosophies here.  We covered the 4 main parenting styles, what happens to the kids in these families and Susan’s 10 step approach to migrate your style more toward […]

Step Into Your Role As An Inspired Leader

Lizabeth Phelps joined us today as our special guest.  Check out the recording here pinned atop my Facebook page ===>PWP Call 6-13-12-Inspired Leadership, with Lizabeth Phelps .
Through her business, The Inspired Leaders’ Academy, Lizabeth’s mission is to help inspirational entrepreneurs unearth their most passionate and powerhouse message to create profound change, while building a business empire!
Today, […]

PWP 5-16-12 Call: The 6 Paralyzing Fears That Can Stop Your Transition In It’s Tracks

Recording for this call is here ===> 6 Paralyzing Transition Fears 
My oh my, there was so much to say about Transition Fear on this call. Sit back and get your java and check this or the recording (for more detail) out.
I have lived through some of these myself when moving from a corporate role to my […]

PWP Call 4-4-12: You’re Speaking Volumes…Use Your Voice to Amp Your Success

The recording from our call today is here ===> PWP Call – 4-4-12: Leveraging Your Voice for Success .  Adrienne Milics, MBA, PCC, Executive and Leadership Coach, joined us to explore a somewhat atypical tool for success, and a means express who you are and amplify your greatest impact — your voice.  Adrienne is a classically trained […]

PWP Call 1-4-12: Networking Strategies You Need to Succeed with guest Jane Pollak

Today, on our 2012 kick-off People With Purpose community call, I was psyched to have a special guest on the call, Jane Pollak – author of Soul Proprietor, 101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and expert business coach.  A few snippets from our interview are below, and for the full lively chat, listen to the […]