A response to tragedy adding to a year-end reflection, and planning for a new year

The call recording is here ===>December 19 PWP Call  In this call, I recounted my own personal reaction on the tragic event that occurred the prior Friday, in Newtown, CT, where many innocent people’s lives (including 20 young children and 6 adults) were taken in a horrific mass shooting. I am still not sure how […]

PWP Community Call – 11-23-11: Gratitude Leads to Your Self-Discovery, Right Direction and Greatness!

This week’s call focused on the application of gratitude in our lives and how it is a crucial piece of gettting us on the path to living our greatest potential.    Listen to the call here:  PWP11-23-11   Hear why I will be writing a letter to my mother.                            
 Gratitude is the act or frame of mind of being appreciative, accepting, and thankful. When I think […]