Virtual Power of Purpose Summit 2014

For all of you Purpose enthusiasts…this Virtual Summit has an awesome line up…
And if you attend any of these, come back to blog and let us know how it was for you!

Your Unclear Purpose is Unraveling Your Career, But Shifting That Is Simple

A murky and unclear sense of purpose may be keeping you stuck, stalled or energy-sucked.  Without a clear compass on where you are going, and under the strain of the fragile, uncertain economy, you find yourself saying yes to too many things at every turn. You do things you think you should,  versus what you […]

PWP 5-16-12 Call: The 6 Paralyzing Fears That Can Stop Your Transition In It’s Tracks

Recording for this call is here ===> 6 Paralyzing Transition Fears 
My oh my, there was so much to say about Transition Fear on this call. Sit back and get your java and check this or the recording (for more detail) out.
I have lived through some of these myself when moving from a corporate role to my […]

PWP Call 3-28-12: Unearthing and Leveraging Your Personal Brand for Career Success

Coca Cola has won the branding game. They are ranked as the #1 identifiable brand on the market. If a company brand is doing what it should, it evokes a clear emotion and sends you a consistent message about what it stands for. Coke wants you to feel good, and happy about life. Hence their […]

PWP Call 3-21-12: Survive Corporate or Unemployment Adversity to Take Back Control of Your Life

 On this week’s call my special guest was Steve Healey, author of Mid-Life Recreation, How to Escape Corporate or Unemployment Hell . Steve has an amazing personal story about working a classic corporate roller coaster career, when after 23 years, he is laid off and needs to re-think not only his career but is whole life. […]

PWP Call 2-1-12: Reconnect With Your Dreamer

Call recording here =====>>> PWP 2-1-12-Dreamer
  Dreaming is where you are creative. It’s when you are in the realm of what’s possible and you’re thinking  expansively about yourself and your future. When you are in the process of planning your career or life,the dream can be the thing that drives you forward, and keeps you going, […]

PWP Call 12-14-11: The Clues to your Purpose and Right Direction

Call recording is here: PWP12-14-11Clues to Your Purpose and Right Direction
When taking the deep dive into exploring your next right direction it is crucial to start with the idea that WHO YOU ARE, versus WHAT YOU DO is the most important lens to use.  So in the following exercises, to unearth who you want to […]

PWP Call 11-30-11: Your Resume is the Worst Place to Start

 For a meaningful transition, your resume is the WORST place to start.
Recording here: PWP11-30-11
Although traditional career counseling had us begin with our resume, and it still a useful techinique if you love your existing career and are just changing jobs, for most other scenarios—starting with your resume will DERAIL your meaningful process.
If you are looking at […]

PWP Community Call – 11-23-11: Gratitude Leads to Your Self-Discovery, Right Direction and Greatness!

This week’s call focused on the application of gratitude in our lives and how it is a crucial piece of gettting us on the path to living our greatest potential.    Listen to the call here:  PWP11-23-11   Hear why I will be writing a letter to my mother.                            
 Gratitude is the act or frame of mind of being appreciative, accepting, and thankful. When I think […]

PWP Community Call – 11/16/11 – Passion vs. Purpose: What’s the difference and why you need to know. Guest: Janice Christopher

For this week’s call we discussed Passion vs. Purpose and what it means to you in your quest to discover and live your purpose. To access the recording for this one you must dial in: Dial: 1-712-432-3131 and enter Recording ID: 24649422 when prompted for it. Some recording features are available to you once you’re listening:  1 […]