The Best Shifts Begin With Desire

Have you ever committed to what you thought were well-thought-out goals for the new year, got off to a revved start, only to find yourself off track and defeated within the first month or two?  Maybe even first day or two?  I can sense the nodding of heads, and I personally know this experience all […]

A response to tragedy adding to a year-end reflection, and planning for a new year

The call recording is here ===>December 19 PWP Call  In this call, I recounted my own personal reaction on the tragic event that occurred the prior Friday, in Newtown, CT, where many innocent people’s lives (including 20 young children and 6 adults) were taken in a horrific mass shooting. I am still not sure how […]

PWP Call 3-28-12: Unearthing and Leveraging Your Personal Brand for Career Success

Coca Cola has won the branding game. They are ranked as the #1 identifiable brand on the market. If a company brand is doing what it should, it evokes a clear emotion and sends you a consistent message about what it stands for. Coke wants you to feel good, and happy about life. Hence their […]

PWP Call 2-29-12: Refueling Builds Muscle in ALL Areas

Recording from today’s call===> PWPCall2-29-12
I just got back from a mini-vacation in San Diego where my sister lives.  It has been a while since I’ve taken off by myself when it hasn’t been for business. What a refresher.  It got me thinking and became the topic for my blog and call this week – how […]

PWP Call 2-15-12: The Soul of Leadership – Leading with Influence Each Day

My special guest on our weekly call today was consultant, motivational speaker, trainer, author and long-time leadership expert and student, David O’Brien. I asked David to share some of the insights he has gained from working with leaders around the world this past year and what we need to keep on our radar for the future. […]

PWP Call 1-18-12: What’s Compassion Got to Do With Living on Purpose?

 Jackie Johnson, PCC, CPCC of Choice Coaching, LLC was my guest on today’s call.  Jackie has over 20 years in people impact roles such as HR, Transition Consultanting, in her own business since 2003 as a Leadership, Personal and Business Coach and a consistent history of contribution to community and social causes.
 Our recording is here –>>> PWP1-18-12Compassion
Compassion is […]

PWP Call 1-11-12: Demystifying Self-Assessments for Use in Your Career Transition

PWP1-11-12 Call-Demystifying Self-Assessments  <<<- Recording here!
Mike Klein, PsyD, assessment expert,  joined me for our call, and helped us navigate the sometimes mind-boggling topic of self-assessments and their use in career management and career transition.
As humans we are curious about many things.  We want to know more about ourselves and how we tick. We also want to know how […]