Virtual Power of Purpose Summit 2014

For all of you Purpose enthusiasts…this Virtual Summit has an awesome line up…
And if you attend any of these, come back to blog and let us know how it was for you!

Are people focused on purpose and meaning in a tough economy?

Are you employed, and wondering about job stability or your next right move? Are you in between jobs and eagerly seeking work?  Maybe you are self-employed and are analyzing what business to take or market to go after.   No matter your situation, in this tough economy, you’ll at some point be weighing the quest for […]

PWP Call 5-9-12: The Happiness Formula

Call Summary-Light is in this post…for all of the juicy details, check out the recording here ==> HappinessFormula5-9-12
Happiness is a ultra-critical element in the purpose pie. When you are happy you are likely to have the energy, focus and drive to seek and act on your purpose and greatest impact.  AND when you acting on purpose […]

PWP Call 3-21-12: Survive Corporate or Unemployment Adversity to Take Back Control of Your Life

 On this week’s call my special guest was Steve Healey, author of Mid-Life Recreation, How to Escape Corporate or Unemployment Hell . Steve has an amazing personal story about working a classic corporate roller coaster career, when after 23 years, he is laid off and needs to re-think not only his career but is whole life. […]

PWP Call 2-8-12: Purpose Won’t Pay the Bills

Today my special guest was Kathleen Burns Kingsbury , wealth psychology expert and behavioral change specialist. She is a coach, author, speaker and a money-mindest guru.  Kathleen and I talked about how your money mindset – (your attitudes, beliefs and inner scripts about money), have a very direct impact on your prosperity, and how this especially […]

PWP Community Call – 11-23-11: Gratitude Leads to Your Self-Discovery, Right Direction and Greatness!

This week’s call focused on the application of gratitude in our lives and how it is a crucial piece of gettting us on the path to living our greatest potential.    Listen to the call here:  PWP11-23-11   Hear why I will be writing a letter to my mother.                            
 Gratitude is the act or frame of mind of being appreciative, accepting, and thankful. When I think […]

PWP Community Call – 11/9/11: Stress Blocks Access to Purpose, and Purpose Reduces Stress – What?

Stress has a push-pull relationship with purpose.  Check out call recording here: PeopleWithPurposeNov92011Call
We explored three aspects of this stress/purpose relationship.

When you are stressed or adrenalized, accessing and living your purpose is virtually impossible. A starting point when trying to access your purpose and best direction almost always needs to be to slow down your pace. You cannot […]