Character is a Business Imperative

Chuck Wall, consultant, speaker and author of Customer CEO, Profit from the Power of Your Customers has researched hundreds of companies that are getting it right and chronicled case after case in his exciting new book. From his manifesto: “…Successful business leaders of the future will be those companies that partner with their customers, lead with listening, inspire […]

PWP Call 4-11-12: Bullet Proof Your Career and Catapult Your Impact

Today’s recording is accessed by Dial In:  Dial: 1-712-432-3131 / Access Code: 51348153 .   No mp3 due to a technical glitch, but you can still enjoy the recording and don’t want to miss it!  And that is the only place you get the full Rich Gee effect, so check it out! (call length -40 min.)
So […]

PWP Call 3-21-12: Survive Corporate or Unemployment Adversity to Take Back Control of Your Life

 On this week’s call my special guest was Steve Healey, author of Mid-Life Recreation, How to Escape Corporate or Unemployment Hell . Steve has an amazing personal story about working a classic corporate roller coaster career, when after 23 years, he is laid off and needs to re-think not only his career but is whole life. […]

PWP Call 1-25-12: From Unhappy Exec to Thriving Entrepreneur- Tips for a prosperous, purpose-based shift

  Recording here ===>>> PWP-1-25-12-ExecutivetoEntrepreneur
Pam Butterfield , Business Coach, award-winning entrepreneur and President of Business Success Tools, LLC , was our guest this week, as we zoned in on the topic of fleeing the corporate coop to become a thriving business owner.  Pam has done this very successfully herself, and generously walked us through her own tales from the trenches:  the […]