The Best Shifts Begin With Desire

Have you ever committed to what you thought were well-thought-out goals for the new year, got off to a revved start, only to find yourself off track and defeated within the first month or two?  Maybe even first day or two?  I can sense the nodding of heads, and I personally know this experience all […]

Are people focused on purpose and meaning in a tough economy?

Are you employed, and wondering about job stability or your next right move? Are you in between jobs and eagerly seeking work?  Maybe you are self-employed and are analyzing what business to take or market to go after.   No matter your situation, in this tough economy, you’ll at some point be weighing the quest for […]

PWP Call 6-6-12: Thinking Big with Michael Port

It was so special to have Michael Port on my call. Aside from being a best-selling author of Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Book Yourself Solid, The Contrarian Effect, and The Think Big Manifesto..and beyond being a famous business guru (he hates that phrase, but sorry, he just kind of is one), he is a real, incredibly smart  and […]

PWP Call 4-25-12: Take Ownership to Steer Yourself to Success

Today Ginny Kravitz, Career and Life Coach, and founder of In The Current, LLC, was a special guest on our PWP call.  Ginny shared with us what she means by the phrase Owning It when it comes to your life and not just work, as well as specific critical areas you need to address to really get […]

PWP Call 3-21-12: Survive Corporate or Unemployment Adversity to Take Back Control of Your Life

 On this week’s call my special guest was Steve Healey, author of Mid-Life Recreation, How to Escape Corporate or Unemployment Hell . Steve has an amazing personal story about working a classic corporate roller coaster career, when after 23 years, he is laid off and needs to re-think not only his career but is whole life. […]

PWP Call 3-7-12: Do you have a wide moat? Why boundaries are CRITICAL to your inspired success

Recording for today’s call is here ===>   PWP 3-7-12Boundaries 
In today’s PeopleWithPurpose community call, I shared how boundaries are a theme that keeps coming up for my clients lately and for me, and even in my family. When themes come along, I like to think about why that is and what the importance of them are.
For […]

PWP Call 2-29-12: Refueling Builds Muscle in ALL Areas

Recording from today’s call===> PWPCall2-29-12
I just got back from a mini-vacation in San Diego where my sister lives.  It has been a while since I’ve taken off by myself when it hasn’t been for business. What a refresher.  It got me thinking and became the topic for my blog and call this week – how […]

PWP Call 12-14-11: The Clues to your Purpose and Right Direction

Call recording is here: PWP12-14-11Clues to Your Purpose and Right Direction
When taking the deep dive into exploring your next right direction it is crucial to start with the idea that WHO YOU ARE, versus WHAT YOU DO is the most important lens to use.  So in the following exercises, to unearth who you want to […]

PWP Community Call – 11-23-11: Gratitude Leads to Your Self-Discovery, Right Direction and Greatness!

This week’s call focused on the application of gratitude in our lives and how it is a crucial piece of gettting us on the path to living our greatest potential.    Listen to the call here:  PWP11-23-11   Hear why I will be writing a letter to my mother.                            
 Gratitude is the act or frame of mind of being appreciative, accepting, and thankful. When I think […]

PWP Community Call – 11/2/11: What is Purpose? How Does it Impact Your Career and Life?

Call Recording:  PeopleWithPurposeCall-11-2-11
In our kick-off call we decided we better begin to define what Purpose is to people. We also began to discuss why we even care about discovering and living our purpose? What is the impact that it can have in our lives?

Purpose is a number of things and is intrepreted differently depending on who’s […]